Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heavyweights, Joe Mesi, and Stuff

I just wanted to give a shout out to JE Grant. He posted his top heavyweights as of March 2006 on his site, JE Boxing. I pretty much agree with him, so rather than reinvent the wheel here, I'll just give a link to his site. (Ok, not sure that I'd put Rahman at #1, but I guess we'll see after the Toney fight, right?) Also, as you might have guessed, I've been a bit out of the loop lately. I just can't write about boxing as often as I'd like to. Which leads me to something I would like to write about: Joe Mesi. It must be the lawyer in me that's just fascinated with this guy. It's not as if I think he's the second coming of Rocky Marciano. Far from it. I'm more interested in his legal and medical issues as they relate to boxing than anything else. Plus, I honestly would like to see the guy get a fair shot at a title. That said, no way he's going to beat Klitschko, or Brewster, or Toney or Rahman. Not anytime soon. Frankly, if he gets past Sam Peter, I'll be impressed.

Anyway, the real reason for my post here is to ask anyone who still might be coming by my site if they happen to know where I can get a copy of the judge's opinion in the Mesi case. I've heard snippets of it quoted, but I'd like to read it in its entirety. From what I understand of the case now, Joe's battles are far from over. Looks to me like the judge punted; he didn't actually address the real issue of whether or not Joe has a right to fight. I do think his reasoning re: once the license expires, the suspension expires, is interesting. The problem is, I think it's a no-brainer that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will argue that the suspension should automatically re-attach to the license one it's renewed. But I don't really know at this point - that's why I'd like to read the opinion. And, if anyone out there actually has a copy of any briefs that may have been submitted to the court on behalf of either party - that would be an extra bonus!

Finally, I just want to say that the heavyweight fight I am waiting for is a rematch of Klitschko and Brewster. In my opinion, the winner of that fight should get a shot at the winner of Rahman/Toney, and then you'd have your undisputed #1 guy. But that's just my opinion.


Blogger JE Boxing said...

Brewster may have his hands full with Lyakovich. Likewise, Klitschko figures to be the favorite in his rematch with Byrd. Something may be brewing in the heavyweight division finally.

8:45 PM  
Blogger curlygc said...

Looks that way! I don't know what my problem is with Byrd though. I am just so unimpressed with him. I'm really rooting for Klitschko to knock him into retirement!

9:00 PM  
Blogger Monysima! said...

Klitschko just beat Brewster so bad, I have to respect BREWSTER!
1.-REMATCH Priceless! No matter what anybody said! I'd NEVER do it!
2.-For having more brains than ego! stopping rather than continuing what most of the time results in a tragic beating which only gives boxing a bad name.
Klitschko, in my opinion, is ready... more than ever to unify titles. After hiring Emmanuel Stewart as a trainer he sure has matured in his focus & techniques. To me he he seemed sharper and with a plan. This time, it seemed he did his homework! He studied his opponent an "beat him to the punch"! If you saw his last fight you know what I mean.

As to Baby Joe Mesi: controversy is simple... to fight or not to fight!
You break the rule for one and you should break it for the rest of them? Lets focus on the real stuff... Life. The Commissions all have a purpose and we the people want them there not only to regulate laws but to enforce them. I love baby Joe, but I'd rather see him in a GQ magazine or in a runway somewhere where his precious life is not in danger... hell, i'll even offer to make him some babies! i know he is single! Hey, baby, so am I!! lets make us a football team!!

5:07 PM  

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