Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick Note On Wladimir Klitschko & Other Stuff

I know I've been very much NOT around lately. New job, working my butt off. You know how it is. And I've sort of made it a policy of mine to not write about fights that I haven't seen. With money being tight and most PPV fights lately being barely worth laying out fifty bucks for, I've missed a lot of fights. But I didn't miss Cotto or Klitschko fight Saturday night, and I'm grateful I can still afford HBO and still manage to stay up past 9pm every once in awhile.

I didn't keep score. I noticed between every round I more or less agreed with Harold Lederman, except where the issue of Wladimir's holding was concerned. I think Harold whined about that too much. Wlad did what he had to do to win. He used holding the right way - to keep a wrecking ball of a puncher away from him, you jab, and if he gets inside, you hold. He didn't do the cheap grappling brawler kind of holding you see from the likes of John Ruiz.

The fact is, Sam Peter packs a punch, and that's about it. The guy has very little boxing skill, and Wlad took him to school. Wlad boxed, he moved, he jabbed, and miraculously, he took no less than three Super Peter Power Punches (including one cheap shot to the back of the head), went down three times, and got up -- and STILL WON.

I know there are a lot of Klitschko detractors out there. I never considered myself one of them, nor have I been a crazy fan. And I'll admit, after Lamon Brewster knocked him out, I thought Wlad was done. I thought Peter would knock him into next week. But I think we all, including Wlad, learned something Saturday night. First, you cannot underestimate the value of a smart, future hall-of-fame trainer. Take a bow, Mr. Steward. Second, the boy has a hell of a lot more heart, and quite a bit more chin than anyone gave him credit for. In my eyes, Peter's stock plummeted, and Klitschko's soared. The hell with Klitschko/Peter II. I'd rather see Klitschko/Brewster II.

As for Cotto, he certainly proved himself Saturday night as well. I honestly thought he was about five seconds from a stoppage in the early rounds. No doubt Ricardo Torres put himself on the map of the boxing world this weekend. He is a force to be reckoned with, and even with Tszyu's recent departure, the 140 lb. division has never looked so exciting. Speaking of which, Ricky, where are you? When's the next fight, man?

In other news, Dominick Guinn is fighting James Toney and I could care less. Toney is going to drag his big fat butt into that ring and mop the floor with Guinn, and everyone knows it. Still, if there's nothing else on TV that night, and I'm still awake, I may tune in. Tarver/Jones III - I just don't care enough to pay that kind of cash. Klitschko/Rahman, also on PPV? No thanks. You know what fight will be worth the money? Castillo/Corrales II. I'll find the money for that one, and I'll be back here writing about it when it's over.


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Klitschko is far better than many pundits want to admit. The fact that he is European is enough to cause the skeptics to quickly conclude that his talent is phony at the first sign of weakness. His victory over Peter is a tremendous comeback. Now watch Chris Byrd squirm out of a rematch with the big man.

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